Nick Walker: Daytime Snaps

Nick Walker from Daytime Snaps

Daytime Snaps is the sort of thing that can really only exist on Twitter.

Its creator Nick Walker takes strange, often totally surreal but always amusing screenshots from daytime television and posts them to Twitter with absolutely no context.

If you are not familiar, a quick browse through the @daytimesnaps account will help you understand.

The inspiration came as a result of Nick’s job, working for a television company in an office where numerous TVs display the different channels. None of them with the sound on.

He would share the bizarre moments as screen grabs on his personal Twitter and was eventually persuaded by friends to setup a dedicated account for the posts.

Since launching in 2016 @daytimesnaps has gained more than 62 thousand followers, including many of the stars of the posts.

Nick’s notifications are now filled with tip offs from other daytime TV viewers and, as he explains in the podcast, some well-meaning people who simply don’t get the rules.

Show Notes

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Some of the posts we mention:

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Nick’s follow recommendations:

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