Josh Spector: For The Interested and Social Media for The Oscars

Josh Spector | For The Interested

In January this year Josh Spector published a post on his blog For The Interested which prompted me to get off my behind and make this podcast happen.

It was called What Will Happen If You Start Today and among all of its wisdom (of which there is a lot) there was one line in particular that has stuck with me:

If you start today, you won’t regret it.
Nobody ever says, “I wish I would have procrastinated longer.”

I was on holiday at the time but made a decision there and then to commit to making this thing a reality. It seemed only right to ask Josh to come on the show.

If I’m honest I thought he would say no because as well as publishing a hugely successful blog and newsletter, Josh works as a freelance digital marketing consultant; most notably overseeing social media for the Oscars.

Thankfully he was more than happy to jump on a Skype call, which began with a discussion of the record-breaking Oscars moment in 2014 when Ellen Degeneres went into the audience, took a selfie with a bunch of A-listers and posted it to Twitter.

Show Notes

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You can find Josh on Twitter and For The Interested also has an account.

This is the Ellen selfie. If you have not seen this before, please contact me. I need to find out why:

Ellen’s record-breaking Oscars selfie from 2014

…and Josh’s response when it broke Twitter:

Josh’s follow recommendations were:

Here’s the talk on making weird choices I refer to:

A huge thank you to Josh Spector for coming on the show and sharing his knowledge.

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