Alice Beverton-Palmer: Twitter Queen, DJ and Podcaster

Alice Beverton-Palmer

My 9 to 5 job, my side hustles, my friends. They have pretty much all come from Twitter.


Alice Beverton-Palmer is an Entertainment Partnerships Manager for Twitter UK but the platform has given her much more than just a day job.

In this episode of Show This Thread, Alice offers a very personal perspective on the positive outcomes that can occur when the platform is used well, and gives some valuable insight into where Twitter is heading in 2019.

She shares stories of how Twitter has taken her to Eurovision with a total stranger and how discovering London club night Push The Button led to an unexpected side hustle as a DJ.

Alice also tells me about her upcoming podcast The Dorothy Project which explores stories of women who have become significant figures in gay male society.

This episode is full of useful information about Twitter from an insider’s perspective and inspiration on how to use the platform in an effective and rewarding way as an individual.

Show Notes

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Here is The Good Place tweet she feels sums up her personal brand:

The club night Alice DJ’s at is Push The Button.

Heidi Stephens is the stranger Alice went to Eurovision with.

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